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    Sienna Hoffmann
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Neuroblastoma almost exclusively strikes infants and children, and is the third most common type of Childhood Cancer after Leukaemia and brain tumors. It is also the leading single cause of cancer deaths of children under 5.

It is a complex cancer and can present in various ways and in different forms and as a result survival rates differ significantly . The outcome depends on the type and aggression, and the aggressive neuroblastoma is of course the most challenging to treat and has the lowest survival rates, around 40%.

Aggressive Neuroblastoma has sadly not seen a major change in the survival rate in the last ten years but there are some significant new treatments in the pipeline which are showing promise. In contrast the less aggressive forms have seen improvement to a level where research is now focusing on not only cure, but ways to lessen the impact treatment has on patients lives going forward.

This site has been inspired by little Sienna Hoffmann who tragically lost her battle against the disease in 2010, and following on from her love of life and determination to live it to the full, the site has been created by the family and friends of Sienna and other sufferers of the disease, along with the support and help from the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia. It aims to to :

  • Raise the profile of this disease
  • Raise funds for vital research for the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia for their research programmes (fundraising undertaken by Sienna’s friends and families and other fantastic supporters of Neuroblastoma Australia has raised over $600,000. The cost of one research scientist for a year is less than $100,000.
  • Provide support and advice to parents and families who are or have been affected by neuroblastoma.

Below is a message from the founder of the charity which highlights how important research is and what might be possible if we just get enough funding to follow it.

“During our battle to save our daughter Sienna from one of the most aggressive forms of neuroblastoma we communicated with a number of leading Oncology professors in the world and it became clear  that there is significant scope to improve treatments and survival rates. We also learnt about a number of new research directions and new drugs and although we tragically ran out of time we are sure improvement is close.” Lucy Jones


Latest news….

  • We have our very first Parent Forum being run in Sydney on November 8th. click here to find out more.
  • Run2Cure Neuroblastoma raised over $200,000 for research. An amazing effort by all involved.
  • Sienna’s Frangipani Charity Gala Dinner 2013, raised approximately $70,000
  • Below is a link to the Interview with Lucy & Michaela that was shown on Channel 9′s Mornings

 Raising Awareness for Neuroblastoma

  • We have been lucky enough to have some highlights provided to us from the recent Advances in Neuroblastoma Research conference that was held in Toronto. Click here to read the highlights.
  • Rozelle Balmain Family Fun Day 2013 exceeded 2012′s result of $65,895 to make over $75,000 for Childrens Cancer Institute Australia. Thank you to all of those who contributed to a wonderful day.
  • Government funding has been given to the CCIA to help take research breakthroughs to world-first trials. For more details click here. 
  • Sienna’s Frangipani Charity Gala Dinner 2011, raised approximately $96,000.


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