About Neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma is a disease which can have devastating consequences for patients and families, but with every piece of research the hope for a cure comes closer.

Treatment plans in some instances become not only about beating the disease but ensuring the best quality of life for the patient once treatment is over.

For further information please see the sections on Overview, Diagnosis and Staging below;

Simmone Logue Fine Food Company provided a wonderful prize for the second year running (cocktail party catering for 50 guests) for our Sienna's Gala Dinner Silent Auction this month and helped raised over $1300 for Neuroblastoma Australia!

Thank you to our bidders and sponsors. With your support we can fund more research projects targeting the children's cancer neuroblastoma. Find out more about our current projects here: www.neuroblastoma.org.au/where-does-money-raised-go/

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